Thursday, 10 March 2016

The Components that Grace Your Personality!!!

The components that grace your personality can, in a myriad ways ,  open up a new world of opportunities . That apart , the right components attracts such energies  which becomes a well spring of inspiration your life .
So it has both ; benefits of  a) Self-Up-liftment as well as  b) career enhancement.
And Both these as a combinations are the prime enablers and key drives for the Building of brand You.

Mull over the following terms:
A)   Attribute as a part of the inert nature- The Human Being You Are

1.     High self-concept
2.     High self esteem
3.     More inner drive and a positive  force
4.     Greater conviction
5.     Power to convince
6.     Accommodate – the belief that there is space for all
7.     Empathy  – an approach to people and situations
8.     Ability to look ahead and look beyond
9.     Getting a better feel of Value over apparent price
10.  Sustainable power to influence and inspire
11.  Developing an art to Bring a Smile , heal a heart
12.  Respect tradition and refute conformity
13.  Challenge your own limits
14.  Sacrifice
15.  Talent & Passion
16.  Humane & spiritual
17.  Culture and refinement
18.  Fearlessness

B)    The elements that help build ‘perceptions’.

1.     Qualification
2.     Communication skills ( including non-verbal’s)
3.     Presentation skills
4.     Conversational abilities
5.     Courtesy & Manners
6.     Dress sense & grooming
7.     Body structure ,  posture & gait
8.     Voice texture

c) These enable believability.
1.     A strong resume
2.     Your experience
3.     Your performance
4.     Using your capabilities & Talent
5.     Proven Leadership qualities
6.     Good testimonials
Please note that the above are just a few. There could be many more or could be further divided into many more groups. But I feel these can help me  speak my mind.
The first set is to do with your intrinsic self. Your inner being , the DNA which is the truth and which can provide the much needed drive.  It is development from within and making changes internally for self-improvement. This self- improvement can manifest externally very naturally and go a long way to enhance image. When I say ‘Naturally’, I mean there is no Need to project something forcibly to indicate the metal you are made of. These are the attributes that can make you GREAT.
 The second set relates to the ‘Dress’ you wear to project an image. As it is believed that people make judgements based on the impressions they get from the exterior. Therefore these are ‘supportive’ and can ‘help’ but not ‘prove’ your true strengths. Sustaining the image is very difficult if not supported by the attributes of the group A and elements of group C.
The third set consists of those elements that can to a degree substantiate and prove what your image projects, but only on some or specific aspects. It makes information on those aspects more ‘believable’ and ‘authentic’.

Our global economies and societies have given us greater access to loads of awesome opportunities. Our generation is in the perfect position to take up these opportunities and be whoever we want to be. The playing field has been leveled, the winner doesn’t take all (there’s loads more opportunities if you fail at the first attempt) and we’re better equipped to rise out from the crowd.

Your image of Greatness well supported and sustained can equip you to utilize your potential and embrace opportunities.

Immense introspection is required to understand what you possess and how do you improve. The discussion continues……..

Monday, 22 February 2016

THE BRAND "YOU" CAN ENJOY EQUITY (PART 2){ Brand Personality and Brand Anatomy}

Let’s go back to the aspect of product brands.  It is Very important to ‘realize’ rather than just understand, that Brands need to ‘Connect’ to create an impact. But why did I stress on Realize not on Understand? That’s because ‘feeling’ the reason can help one get nuances right.  Getting into the skin of the issue  , and  into the shoes of the recipient of your brand message. Who are these guys? Aren’t they Human Beings, aren’t consumers and members of different stakeholder groups Humans?
Of course they are. So how can a Human Being with Flesh and Blood relate to an inanimate object like a product?
They need an association with something that relates to them. THIS IS THE REALIZATION THAT GAVE BIRTH TO THE “BRAND PERSONALITY” CONCEPT.
Brand Personality is therefore attributing Human Traits to a Brand.  It is to say that if this Brand were to be a Human Being , This is how he/ she would Walk , Think , Talk , Feel , Carry Himself /Herself , be seen as , etc etc.  Personification of the brand to build personal relevance.
Think about this.  Why is it that cartoons and animated pictures are so loved and admired. It’s because they behave like us ( Humans ) we find them sooooo cute – ‘oh look at that lion talking , and the cat laughing , and the mouse making that angry expression …… … exactly like a Human Being.’
SO, if a consumer  relates to that Personality or Aspires to be (or like) that personality he will associate with the brand.
Brand Ambassadors make this personification easy and simple to understand. Its  merely a case of Superimposing the Brand ambassadors personality on the product and reflecting it to the consumers. Consumers will BELIEVE it. Believability is ensured.
Another important point – By Building Brand Personality, the tacit message is that “ If YOU associate with the brand YOUR personality will be Seen as that of the brand” – “Your Image is created and reflected through the brand you use . Therefore Use the Product, Create that Image, Create that perception and Win admiration and Benefits of that Image.”
Now relate it to this brand ‘YOU’.
 Can you build a personality which is admired & looked up to?
Can you build a personality with such attributes? Attributes that others may love to emulate and Seek the benefits of an association?  YES YOU CAN. 

Brand Anatomy

The anatomy of a Brand has two parts  
1-     Functionality
2-     Representation
Functionality, as the word suggests, refers to the functional aspects of the solution to   a or a set of functional purposes.  These can be measure easily and could become criteria for judgement by informed buyers.
Representation refers to all the benefits that are not functional. They are intangible and hit the senses on a different level. They are the match between the Brand appeal and representation with the self – concept and / or aspirations of consumers.  The personality of a Brand is judged and a congruence created between the Brand personality and the User personality. The personification of the brand makes selection easier as ‘relevance to self’ is established.

In the  posts to come  we will go a little deeper into Brand Anatomy and learn to unearth the Key Components that can build You .
All said and done , there is no gainsaying the fact that Your Identifying Factors and Your differentiators bring Uniqueness that cannot be copied- so that’s U.
Good Luck ! Keep rising.